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Culture Content IS a Vibe! The question is, are you ready to embrace it?

I want to start by setting the scene that change is hard. So is transition or pivotting. Come into this read with an open mind and understanding that I'm providing a unique lens to creating content that is likely completely different than anything you've ever heard, read, or seen.

*Disclaimer: I'm a cusser and you'll find me dropping cuss words in my writing. If you easily get offended by the correct use of cussing, or the use of cussing as a form of expression, scroll on by. This piece, and my blog, likely isn't for you.

Okay, let's get started...

If you're here, it's probably because what you're currently doing with your content isn't working OR you've heard me talking about Culture Content and you want to learn what the fuck it's about.

You're also likely here because you are a studio owner (dance, music, acting, vocal, gymnastics, Pilates, yoga, etc) or are establishing and building a dance, fitness, wellness, or child-related brand or business.

If you checked at least one of the boxes above, you're in the right place.

The misconception

There's this thought that the main type of content you 'should' share on your socials, is this traditional and stuffy approach to promotion.

And that looks something like this 👇🏻

*Note: I took this from canva as a template to visually show what I meant.

The graphic typically shows a stock image or beautiful class image you've taken, and information about a specific class, including things like the day and time.

We can always talk about ways to make the promotional type of content more exciting, creative, and enjoyable to consume by potential families, students, or clients, but for now and for what this is about, let's table that thought. I'll come back to it in another blog post.

Back to the misconception...

It's also thought that if you don't post this type of promotional content, then you won't get the word out about your classes, or your classes won't be filled.

And that's because years ago, the social media gurus declared that content HAD to be shared using this method or strategy to have traction in the online space.

They couldn't be more 👇🏻

That declaration is still being sung from the rooftops from social media gurus… and I'm here to show you there's another way.

A way that will not only feel in pure alignment but that will help you stand the fuck out online.

Cue Culture Content 💥

To tap into culture content, you first have to understand what culture is. It's defined as...

The atmosphere created by the behaviours and attitudes of everyone involved.

And that includes parents, students, teachers, staff, directors, clients, and literally anyone that's a part of the studio/school/business/brand.

The culture stems from the CEO/Owner, when they set the tone for what they believe or want the vibe to represent, and is usually developed partly from their 'why', and partly from the core values they embody.

This is the CORE FOUNDATION for the environment they are building.

Keep this in mind as we dive into the content portion of things…

The gap to understanding an approach or concept, and implementing an approach or concept, is the connection between the two.

I’m talking the what and the how.

And while I’d love to say this is an easy or simple shift to make in the way you create content, the truth is that it takes time to adjust.

It takes time to continuously see through a different lens.

It takes time to feel comfortable with it.

It takes time to EMBRACE or EMBODY it.

Most of the time, that is the hardest part. Show yourself kindness and grace as you explore anything new.

The What and the How

This blog post isn’t about giving you the exact steps to create culture & vibe content (we’ll keep that one for another day)…

But more so to help define and shift perspective so you can see things from a different angle.

Because the fact is, CULTURE & VIBE MARKETING is how you stand the fuck out online. Hands down!

Here are some the shifts I want you to start to incorporate in your thoughts around content:

👉🏻 Families, students, and clients, will be drawn to your brand, business or studio, the more you show REAL content.

And by real content, I mean things like, the rehearsal process, how you support individual and team growth, the conversations you’re having, student perspectives, etc.

👉🏻 Sharing the ‘shiny’ aspect is necessary to show what’s possible when you commit and work hard towards something you’re passionate about.

BUT, it’s not the be all and end all.

When I come across social accounts that ONLY put out ‘shiny’ content, I find myself moving pretty quickly off their page because of the sense of ‘fake-ness’ it can also portray.

Not just the ‘fake-ness’ but the immediate sense of unattainability and unworthiness pops up to.

Think of it like the tricks vs technique and performance conversation that I know we all love to have in the dance industry.

👉🏻 What you value, stand for, and get behind, is important for potential families, students, and clients, to establish their sense of connection to your studio, brand, or business.

Sharing this in your content automatically helps your community find you.

And yes, you might catch some flack from people because not everyone aligns with each other’s individual and business values and beliefs.

Spoiler alert 🚨 THAT’S OKAY!

At the end of the day, this helps sort through minimising unaligned folks and potential future issues that might arise.


Families, students, and clients, want to know that you know you’re shit. They want to know that they can count on you for quality education. In the arts and in everyday life.

You want to help parents, with 5000 questions, feel more comfortable through your content.

You want to show how you teach a certain technique practice, movement, or give tips to gain XYZ when doing XYZ.

Fundamentally, this gives folks a taste of what you offer without physically coming to you yet.

Now, if you’re feeling like Kramer talking to Elaine right now, my job here is done 👇🏻

What next?

Take some time to marinate on everything you’ve just read and learned.

Either start thinking of ways to shift your content to a 70/30 culture & vibe marketing lens (where 30 is the promotional side) OR look at working with someone who can do that for you and with you.

If you’re reaction is, “Fuck that! I’m not about to do this myself… Santina I NEED YOU, can we chat?”

My answer is a abso-fucking-lutely👇🏻

Book your FREE 45 min Connect Call with me and let’s see if we’d be a great fit to work together in my BizMate X Biz Bestie Done-For-You Services 1:1 container.

Xoxo Santina Rigano-Lesch

Culture & Vibe Marketing Biz Bestie | Content Mentor | Dance Coach | Badass Human | Kindness Wins


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