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Empower. Evolve. Express: Where Badasses EMBRACE Their Journey, Voice, and Community

I'm all about...





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My Story

Hi, I'm Santina!

I'm so fucking happy you're here 🩵

In my space, EVERYBODY has a place! If you've never fit in, you're now HOME!

Chances are you're here because you dig my vibe, my values, and what I'm about. 

Nothing I do is conventional, traditional, or stuffy.

EVERYTHING I do is unconventional, inclusive, diverse, and out of the box!

I lean into my integrity by leading with HUMAN KINDNESS... while tapping into approaches that stem from playful exploration and making moves through baby steps.


I believe in the empowerment of SELF through the understanding of your rhythmic flow. 


You can count on me to always show up with the ENERGY and VIBES that'll set the tone for our work together. 

I'm a 420 (cannabis) lover, enneagram 8, manifestor in human design, LGBTQ+, Aussie living in Washington with my wife, who cusses like a truck driver!

I show up and make an impact through...

🔥Content Mentorship | Group Program Coming Soon | May 2024

🔥Consultation Intensives for Creatives | 1:1 support via 90 min zoom + 2 weeks accountability and implementation support on Telegram

🔥Chronic Pain Dance & Movement | Bare Bones Boogie Program Coming Soon

🔥Culture & Vibe Marketing | 1:1 done-for-you (BizMates) social media management & podcast coordination + DFY memberships | DIY programs, courses, workshops

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