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Empower. Evolve. Express: Where Badasses EMBRACE Their Journey, Voice, and Community

Meet Santina

Hi, I'm Santina!

I'm so fucking happy you're here 🩵

In my space, EVERYBODY has a place! If you've never fit in, you're now HOME!

Chances are you're here because you dig my vibe, my values, and what I'm about. 

Nothing I do is conventional, traditional, or stuffy.

EVERYTHING I do is unconventional, inclusive, diverse, and out of the box!

I lean into my integrity by leading with HUMAN KINDNESS... while tapping into approaches that stem from playful exploration and making moves through baby steps.


I believe in the empowerment of SELF through the understanding of your rhythmic flow. 


You can count on me to always show up with the ENERGY and VIBES that'll set the tone for our work together. 

I'm a 420 (cannabis) lover, enneagram 8, manifestor in human design, LGBTQ+, Aussie living in Washington with my wife, who cusses like a truck driver!

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Work With Me

I show up and make an impact through...


Culture & Vibe Marketing
As a Biz Bestie I work with Studios/Schools & Entertainment Creatives to represent their culture and vibe, through various marketing methods by collaborating together in a done-for-you service, so that they can stand the fuck out online, become the go-to in their area, and without the stress or overwhelm of having to figure it out themselves.

Learn More & Book Your Potential BizMate Call


Content That's You

Stop cock blocking your content and start confidently sharing your voice online, by creating your rhythmic content flow, so you can step into your own spotlight on your own stage, with content that’s more YOU, attracts your community and vibes on a deeper level

Fall Cohort: September 23rd, 2024 - March 21st, 2025

Learn More & Join the Waitlist


Consultation Intensives for Creatives
Not everyone needs or wants to work with me in the done-for-you space. That's why I created my one time Consultation Intensives.

Tailor-made for Badasses like you, who are ready to level up their creative ventures in a collaborative space, where we'll harness collective wisdom and ignite your creative journey.

Learn More & Book Your Consultation Intensive Here


Dance Workout App
Your very own dance app that you can access at home or on the go. Designed to help women with chronic pain, embrace where they are in their journey to wellness through movement methods and dance workouts, that help minimise their pain, increase their ability to do day to day activities (like walking up the stairs), and release trauma they’ve held onto in their bodies. 


From marketing tips to personal stories. Dance to breaking stereotypes. Content to being yourself. Expect to read about anything and everything in between.

Check Out The Blog Here

This is the spot you'll want to be if you're looking for ways to support your journey as a Badass Creative Entrepreneur. You'll find freebies and low cost options here. 

Take Me To The Resources

Self Expressive Content Hub
Join my IG Broadcast Channel to feel empowered in your content, by learning how to express yourself, your story, & your message.

Get In On The Fun

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