"Don't you dare shrink yourself shrink yourself for someone else's comfort. Do not become small for people who refuse to grow."

-Marina V.


Santina Rigano, founder of Unleashed Confidence, is multi-passionate visibility and confidence coach who empowers women to step into their most confident selves through business support services and online dance classes. 


More About Me

 About Confidently You 


I am on a mission to help women move past self-doubt to empowered confidence; from within themselves to their biz confidence. 


You might be thinking to yourself… wait a minute? I came here to check out all things dance, coaching, or done-for-you services. 

Don’t worry – you’re in the right spot!

You see, every single thing I’ve created falls under unleashing confidence, throughout the different lenses or avenues. 

I’ve been down the route of having multiple websites for each thing – and kept pushing to make that work – until I realised I am a multi-passionate fempreneur with one main theme. 

You guessed it – working with women who want to reclaim their confidence. 


And so Confidently You was born… the starting point for your journey!

 Inner Confidence 


This is your starting point if you’re wanting to embark or continue your SELF journey. 


From body love to self-confidence, self-esteem to finding yourself again. 

You’ll want to check out Unstoppable Babes if you’re all about dance and movement as a way to move through trauma held within the body and letting go of stories that we’ve allowed to define us for way too long!

Unstoppable You Podcast is perfect for you if you prefer to be a part of the conversation and want to hear from other inspiring women and their stories. 


Unstoppable Babes

Unstoppable Babes is YOUR safe space to explore Body Love, Body Kindness & Loving the skin we're in!!!

It's about finding yourself and owning the sh*t out of it; rediscovering your confidence and reclaiming yourself.

Babes is NOT about dancing exactly the same, like the Rockettes. It's about being your authentic self, stepping into your power as a woman and feeling amazing while doing it. 


Let's Dance
Unstoppable You Podcast
Discovering Your Self Value & Self Peach with Lydia Noir

Unstoppable You Podcast

 Currently on pause, you can catch up with all five seasons of the podcast created for Women where we share inspiring stories, chat about taboo topics, and crush limiting beliefs. 

This is a space where we celebrate body love, inspire confidence, and have you tuning into, and unleashing your authentic self.


Listen here now

 Confidently You Methodology 


Calling all Fempreneurs looking to shake their biz up and get out of their own way


-  using online media to get visible, get seen, and sign dreamy clients ready to say ‘f*ck yes to working with you!!!


Group Coaching

I’m so excited to be cooking up and creating this program for my Fempreneurs incorporating my signature methodology. 

Launching August, 2022 - jump on my Be The First To Know list and I’ll make sure to share all the deets with you, giving you first dibs in working together.


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 Biz Confidence


This is your starting point if you’re a female biz owner and looking to outsource, outsource, outsource. 

You may be looking for your Business Bestie team (done-for-you services), professional growth (mini courses - coming soon), entrepreneurial communities, strategy consultations, or podcast management. 


Don't Do It Yourself Virtual

Assistant Services

 Collaboration’s the name of the game! If you’re looking for a no BS Business Bestie that will tell it to you straight, hold your hand while holding you accountable, and truly listens to what you want to do within your biz… look no further. 

We are a team of Virtual assistants, Social Media Managers and Online Business Managers, that help Fempreneurs overcome entrepreneurial stress using a collaborative approach to achieve their goals, vision, and mission, so that they can truly show up in their magic, doing the things they LOVE!!

I need to know more!

The Confidante Sisterhood

 A community of Femprenuers - and other like minded individuals - looking to take their BizBaby to the next level through Community, Connection, Accountability (Partners within TCS), Weekly Live Q&A’s, Bi-monthly trainings - with Santina, and so much more! 

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Biz/SM Strategy 

Reach out to me via email on [email protected] if you are looking for one off 1:1 Biz or Social Media Strategy Sessions. 



Podcast Packages

We just launched 3 done-for-you packages that meet all your podcast editing and social media needs.

Each Package is created to meet you where you are in your podcast journey.


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Podcast Chats

If you're not ready for full support yet don’t worry we have you covered with our 60 minute Pod Chat for Newbie Podcasters and Seasoned Podcasters who want to create – or nurture – their dream Podcast. 

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