Babes you ready?


It's time to tap into YOU...

...mind, body & soul.

I believe everyBODY can dance, let me teach you how to move YOURS!

Unstoppable Babes is your pass to a community of kick-ass women who love to move their bodies and lift each other up. 

It's like a group of your closest friends cheering you along in your journey!

I'm Ready

What's Unstoppable Babes?


Your GO-TO online monthly dance membership for all things...

 > Wanting to love the skin & body YOU'RE in

> Learning how to move YOUR body

> Unleashing YOUR confidence from within

> Connecting with YOUR new community of like-minded women

> Shifting mindset to know YOUR self-worth

> Having fun while getting YOUR workout in

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How does it work?


> 1st Live Class:

Mondays 6 - 6:45 pm PST | 9 - 9:45 pm EST 

> 2nd Live Class: 

Thursdays 6 - 6:45 pm PST | 9 - 9:45 pm EST

> Monthly Breakdown:

All classes are hosted on Zoom. Each month we learn 4 combinations that are taught twice.

Why? It'll give us space to really feel each move within our bodies. Afterall, we're here to tap into loving our skin and feeling confident while doing it. 

We'll learn 2 Embodied Grooves & 2 Sensual Grooves combinations. 

Class style and combination will rotate throughout the month - perfect if you can't make class and your fav track is on that day.

Check out the playlist to see an example.

> Private community: Access to YOUR private community hosted on Circle Communities. 

> Dance Library: Access to recorded classes so you can dance whenever you want. 

> App: Download the Kajabi app and take the Dance Library with you wherever you go.

Check out these two routine snippets to get an idea of each style...


Sensual Grooves is...

A movement. It's a space for you to explore your sensuality, to tap into your sacral chakra, and release the voluptuous feeling of being in touch with your body. This is for you, not your partner. We feel/touch up on ourselves using sensual movements to unlock the Queen in you.

Embodied Grooves is...

A fusion of styles. From Hip Hop to Street-Jazz. Latino to Funk. Showgirl to Heels. It really is the moment where the music guides the style, the choreography and the embodiment we feel as we're dancing. 

Why did I create Unstoppable Babes?


Hi, I'm Santina and I've been teaching Dance for 17 years.

I created Unstoppable Babes because it's my belief that everyBODY can dance and EVERYBODY has their own rhythm. 

Sure, you may feel like you have two left feet or you have no business getting your groove on...

... but here's what I want you to remember.

We all have to start somewhere and this is YOUR start to finding your groove!!

You may not feel comfortable moving your body or dancing to the beat right NOW, but you have a safe space with me (and this community) to reclaim and reconnect to yourself.

Not only am I here to teach you choreography... but, it's my JAM to teach women how to move confidently within their unique bodies; exploring what movement feels good within your body, your sexiness,  fierceness, and the unstoppable woman you are!

Body Love, Body Kindness, & loving the skin we're in!!! 

Women come to my classes because they're NOT your stereotypical dance class.

You won't get those 'judgey' looks when we dance together.

The Unstoppable Babes community is too busy lifting each other up to throw shade.

I'll have you smiling ear-to-ear, getting your body moving, and releasing those happy endorphins.

Just like that, you've got all the motivation, body love, and moves you need!!!


xoxo Santina

Let's Do This!

Unstoppable Babes Monthly Membership


Reclaim Yourself

  • 8 Live Classes (2 per week) 
  • Private Community with Mindset Work
  • Unlimited Dance Library Access
  • Mobile App to Dance Anywhere
  • Cancel Anytime (No Monthly Minimum Required)

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a scroll through some of the most common questions I get asked about Unstoppable Babes.