Santina Rigano-Lesch - Seattle

Owner, CEO, OBM, VA, SMM

Allow me to introduce myself… My name is Santina and I am the face of Don’t Do It Yourself Virtual Assistant Services (aka DDIYVAS).

Some call me the brains behind their beauty (aka their business). Others call me their business bestie. Either way, I’m your go-to Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager & Online Business Manager.

I help female entrepreneurs move from a place of overwhelm to confidently rocking the sh*t out of their baby! That’s right, I’m talking about their business. 

And to say ‘I got you’ is an understatement.

Why? Because I’m a seasoned entrepreneur, that like you, values so much in growing their bizbaby.

I started DDIYVAS after making the bittersweet decision to close my Dance Studio (due to COVID) and embark on a new journey to make an impact with other Fempreneurs. 

I struggled to find the communicative, quality support I needed and knew that I had so much to offer from all the skills and knowledge I'd learned. 

I'm an Enneagram 8 - Leader. 

My zone of genius is truly hearing what my clients need/want and figuring out how to make that happen. I'm also a copy-writing rock-star; editing copy to not only be cohesive but in my clients tone and vision. Hearing, "F*ck yeah - this is exactly what I was trying to say" makes me so happy!

My High-5 strengths are Brainstormer, Optimist, Self-Believer, Commander, and Coach.

Anne Van Jaarsveld - South Africa

Sound Engineer, Podcast editor, Video Editor, Researcher, SEO

Hey I’m Anne, I’m a podcast editor and I’ve been editing the Unstoppable You podcast, since June 2021 and I recently joined the DDIYVAS team also.  

I am joining the team because I wanted to be part of an all female team, that is encouraging and inspiring, not just to me but to other women as well.

I am passionate about music and food. During winter my favourite thing to eat is curry, I can eat it all day long. I love reading and being in nature. I also enjoy playing the sims in my free time.

Being creative and getting to design assets for clients has been absolutely amazing to get my creative juices flowing. I love the process of working on the initial ideas to getting to see the final product.

I'm an Enneagram 5 - Investigator.

My zone of genius is doing research and being creative. I enjoy creating websites and newsletters, and am very OCD which makes me very detail oriented. I also love working on SEO.

My High-5 strengths are Time Keeper, Peace Keeper, Believer, Coach, and Self Believer.