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Mon, Jun 05


Online Meetup via Wix Groups

Self Energy Challenge

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Self Energy Challenge
Self Energy Challenge

We Start...

Jun 05, 2023, 10:00 AM – Jun 16, 2023, 4:00 PM

Online Meetup via Wix Groups

What's Included...

Welcome to your Self Energy Challenge!  

In this FREE challenge, I'll be teaching you how to: 

> take 'inventory and stock' on the energy that's no longer serving you

> 'release' the negative/toxic shit holding you back 

> lean in to create your renewed 'energy flow' 

> create the 'baby steps roadmap' to match the energy you want to embody  

Using my SELFY method, we'll be doing the inner work while allowing time and space for integration.  

What does that mean?  

Across the two weeks, you'll see a video drop three times in week 1 and twice in week 2. The 'other' days when I'm not dropping videos, are specifically scheduled for you to be able to truly sit with, process, and integrate what you're learning. 

I find that this part is so important and often overlooked leading to easily not finishing the thing... in this case, the challenge.  

Here's what the schedule looks like 👇🏻  

Week 1: M, W, F (Video Drop) | Tu, Th, Sa, Sun (Integration) Week 2: Tu, Th (Video Drop) | M, W, F (Integration)  

As you can see, there is a good amount of time set aside for the integration portion, and that's because typically when working with energetics, it's not as simple as say this, do this, feel this. 

There's more involved and I want to honour your process.  Don't worry, it's not like you'll hear radio silence from me on these days. I'll be popping with added value!  

This challenge is FOR all WOMEN, both Fempreneurs and non Fempreneurs.  It's not for you if you're not willing to be an active participant.  

This challenge will be held in Wix Groups vs Facebook Groups and you'll receive all the info to join etc. as soon as you snag your spot.

Oh and one last thing... when you join this challenge, you will get FIRST DIBS on my NEW MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP, 'Keeping it Real' opening in June. Meaning you get to join at the Founders Rate.  

Hint: 'Keeping it Real' is for all women looking to use their social media to make authentic connections by truly tapping into your SELF ENERGY as the driving force.

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