It's a fancy way of saying, we're a team of Virtual Assistants, Social Media Managers and Online Business Managers who get lit up when we see our Fempreneur clients succeed in their niche. 

We help Fempreneurs move past overwhelm and stress; stepping out of their own way and owning their biz journey. You see... when you find the RIGHT person, all of a sudden everything else falls in place. 

While I have an amazing team that supports me, I am your first point of contact. My team helps me get the -ish done and are trained by my methodology. 

I use an extremely collaborative strategy with not only my Confidante Bizmates, but also my team.

I'm the person our Confidante Bizmates want as a sounding board, brainstorm buddy and cheerleader. 

I'm also the no BS Business Bestie that will tell it to you straight -- because it's the best way for you to make the most aligned decision for your business baby.

It's important that you are invested in this same strategy -- without that we can't support the same way. 

xoxo Santina

Our Work
Meet Your Business Besties

Virtual Assistant:

As Virtual Assistants, we provide (contracted) administrative services to clients while operating outside of the client's office, typically remotely. Perfect for those who are looking for support without the large overhead of hiring an employee. 


DDIYVAS Benefit: We match your needs. You won’t sign up for a package of work/tasks but more so the amount of hours, so you can pick and choose how you use them each week. 

Social Media Manager:

As Social Media Managers, we work with you to create cohesive, on brand, and in ‘tone’ copy/media to build your know, like, trust factor with your audience. Including stories, responding to comments, creating content ideas/prompts, engagement with new accounts, managing DM’s and so much more. 

DDIYVAS Benefit: We meet you where you are at. If you’re not ready to hand over your socials, no stress. We can help schedule content out and provide prompts to get you sharing from an aligned perspective. OR we can fully manage your socials, bringing the fun of social media back for you. 

Online Business Manager:

As an Online Business Manager, Santina provides professional support to help manage your business. From creating and implementing strategies/systems, overseeing/managing large projects (for example, launches) to overseeing daily operations, tracking KPI’s and managing team members. 

DDIYVAS Benefit: Using a collaborative approach is extremely helpful when we’re trying to find the secret sauce for your biz. 

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 Working With Us

I know you want the Nitty Gritty, so here it is...

New Clients: Start with signing a 3 month agreement. This is to make sure we're a great fit working together, to begin developing a working relationship, and to see some results on our work together. And no one is locked in too long if it's not!

If we feel this is the right fit, I'll invite you to renew your agreement -- 3/6/9/12 months available or month-to-month at a higher rate.

I don't do packages. I like to understand you, your goals, what you may want to work on during our time together so I can help guide you on what I think would be a good starting amount of hours per week for you. Most new clients start with anywhere from 3-5 hours per week depending on their goals and the speed of the impact they want to make.

It's important to note that however many hours you are wanting to sign up for per month, you will likely be putting in the same amount of hours with us (especially as we get started).

Training & Continuing Education: We're constantly participating in training to keep in the loop and up-to-date but also to keep learning new skills to bring forward.

Virtual Assistant/Social Media Management Support Packages

3 hrs per week

Total: 12 hrs per month


4 hrs per week

Total: 16 hrs per month


5 hrs per week 

Total: 20 hrs per month 


Support Me!

Online Business Management Package

5 hrs per week

Total: 20 hrs per month

$1200 per month

6 hrs per week

Total: 24hrs per month


Help Me!

Audra Allen - Audra Allen Dance

" Working with Santina as my VA has been one of the best investments I have made in my business thus far. Santina's vast knowledge and abilities confidently allowed me to entrust a variety of projects and tasks for her. I was able to move the needle forward in my business so quickly because of the expertise Santina routinely showcased. Her feedback and insight was also invaluable and that is perhaps the most. rewarding part of our working together. I intend to work with Santina moving forward because I know my business and my vision is in capable and reliable hands when I entrust them to her.

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