Santina Rigano, the multi-passionate founder of Unleashed Confidence, is focused on creating spaces where women are empowered, know their worth, and show up authentically.

As a teen studying ballet, Santina was told “dance is not a career” and was asked “what’s the point?” when it came to her taking dance lesson. 

But, her passion for dance persevered, and Santina found a dance world away from ballet which helped her develop self-confidence, process grief, and find a community where she could express herself.

Today, Santina is the one creating community, focusing on providing safe spaces where women feel empowered so they can show up as they are and realize their full worth and potential. 

Whether through teaching beginner dance classes online or helping female entrepreneurs as a social media strategist and virtual assistant, Santina is dedicated to helping women feel more confident, minimize self-doubt, and discover how to live in alignment with themselves.

True to her mission,

Santina’s dance community, Unstoppable Babes, focuses on mindset, not just dance steps. She teaches movement that inspires her community to move forward in their daily lives, so they can fall in love with themselves while doing something they love. 

Santina’s work with “fempreneurs” revolves around online content and social media, as she helps tame the busy-ness of business, turning overwhelmed women into fully-aligned business owners.

When she’s not helping women step into their power through dance or fempreneurship, Santina enjoys cooking, reading, and knitting. Originally from Australia, today you can find her in the Pacific Northwest with her wife, along with their two cats, two turtles, and a tank full of fish.