6  Introductory Social Media Prompts to Position Yourself as an Authentic and Aligned Badass Fempreneur

6  Introductory Social Media Prompts to Position Yourself as an Authentic and Aligned Badass Fempreneur

In this Workbook you will get:

6 introduction or re-introduction prompts that have your audience investing in your journey, setting the scene for your new or re-launched business

Step-by-Step guide on the lens being tapped into to create content from your authentic self

Multiple prompting questions within each prompt to help get the juices flowing

Download this workbook now! Let go of the fear of not knowing what to write or how to step into your authority, and start sharing empowered, authentic, and aligned content. 

Win + win + win!

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Hi! I’m Santina Rigano-Lesch!

I am a Business Bestie to my Confidante Bizmates - my fancy way of saying I support Fempreneurs as their Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager, and Online Business Manager. 

I’m also the creator of The Confidante Sisterhood Membership!

As a Fempreneur myself, I know just how important social media is for my business. Too often, I found myself feeling ‘stuck’ and ‘afraid’ of not knowing what to say as I shyly put my business out for everyone to learn about. 

Now let’s not kid! I’ve also been the Fempreneur that has completely pivoted my business - thanks to the pandemic. 

Since pivoting my business and working with my clients from a variety of niches and industries, I’ve learned that having this introduction process can truly help solve the ‘Wait, what is she doing now?’ or the, ‘I didn’t know you were _________ '(fill in the blank).

My clients have shared with me how impactful these prompts have been; not only for re-engaging their audience, but also for them to get even clearer on their why!

That’s why I am so committed to sharing one of the strategies I’ve used time and time again to help my clients write from a place of alignment and authenticity. 

Because when you make an impact and your audience re-engages, you’re setting the stage for YOU to continue to shine. 

It’s my belief that there is plenty of room for us all online. Why? It doesn’t matter if there are multiple people doing something similar. They are NOT you. And to be YOU, we need to tap into your voice, your passions, your beliefs, and create content from a place of transparency, vulnerability, and genuineness. 

Ready to dive in?